Sunday Morning Treats

morning coffee

I have turned into SUCH a Twitter monster in the morning lately.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a huge fan of the service for years but now it’s pretty much my main aggregator of news, especially fast breaking stories. It’s also were I catch up on all the hot gossip about the ridiculously large number (seriously, its embarrassing) of YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter celebrities I follow. Not to mention following everything my friends – amazingly I have a few of them IRL too – have been up to as well.

During the week, all of that scrolling, link clicking, skimming, and favoriting can take up a little too much of my morning but Sundays are perfect for an extended deep dive into the Twitterverse.

Brew a cup of coffee and snag a piece or seven of toast and join me on some of my favorite Sunday morning reads this week!

New York TimesAirbnb Horror Story Points to Need for Precautions: So if I’m not killing time scrolling through Twitter, I’m most likely scouring Airbnb looking for the cutest, most unique rentals all across the world. I don’t think there is a listing in Paris that I haven’t looked at by this point! This article did give me pause though, especially for those interested in using the start up to find lodging internationally. It will be interesting to see what sort of protocols and added security features Airbnb continues to bring online for guests and renters alike in the coming months.

History in High Heels | The Best and Worst Parts About Studying Abroad: Wanderlust – I’ve got it. BAD. If my constant Airbnb browsing above didn’t tip you off, I spend approximately 87.4% of my day dreaming about myself casually galavanting across Europe and South America, just having a grand old time. Y’all: in reality my Spanish and French are actually pretty atrocious, I would be alone (extrovert alert – I would die!) so much of the time, and I would be lost constantly. End of the world? No, definitely not. But Ashley of History in High Heels does do a great job of reminding students (and travelers in general) to be a little more realistic with their expectations. Spending time abroad is an amazing experience but yep, you’ll undoubtedly get lost, homesick, or at the very least blistered during your time away. Take it with a grain of a grain of salt and you’ll likely look back on those moments fondly too!

How Sweet It Isvietnamese iced coffee ice cream:  Okay, so I was never a huge coffee person – in fact, for the longest time I kind of hated it actually. However, like so many people, its worn me down over the last two years and now I generally consume a cup or so everyday but lets be real here: I’m mostly only in it for the obscene amount of cream and sugar I add to it. Which probably explains why I’ve also REALLY gone on a coffee ice cream kick this summer. So when I saw this recipe I basically drooled all over my keyboard – creamy custard, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla… oh, and I guess coffee too. Time to find an ice cream maker!

Vox MediaDon’t say “papaya” in Miami, and other lessons for wooing Latino voters: Full disclosure, y’all: I love election season! And while most people spend the majority of their time focused on the policy side – the ever important “issues” – I’m most fascinated by the political side. Campaign finance, voter outreach, data analytics. If 2012 showed campaign operatives one thing, it’s the huge impact that various minority groups and under developed communities  – women, Hispanics, gays, blacks – can and will continue to have on elections. It’s been interesting to see which campaigns are (and aren’t) heeding the writing on the wall this time around.

What have been some of your favorite articles from this past week? Feel free to share them with me!

Happy Reading!

I can't wait to hear from your bright, sunshine-y faces!

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